The Art for the Sea auction takes place on Thursday 30 March 2017 at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Queens Wharf.

Entry is via a minimum $30.00 donation per person at

Your emailed receipt will act as your entry document. Simply print it out, or bring along your smartphone with the email to gain entry.

Nibbles, drinks and an electronic catalogue will be included.

Doors open at 5:30pm. To secure your place book now as numbers are limited and this event will sell out!

Get the catalogue featuring the work from our artists:



#1: Bruce Luxford, ‘Waves Over Seabed’, Canvas, Floorboard section

In Bruce’s landscapes – that can feature rural, lake and coastal scenes – he may include a visual commentary on the spread of material affluence from major urban centres to rural and coastal environments and the visual impact this is having on the landscape. This brilliant work evokes breaking waves over seaweed, and is a fantastic way to launch the show.

Bruce Luxford

#2: Alfred Memelink, ‘Lyall Bay’, Framed Canvas Under Glass

Alfred has a deep love of the sea and our magnificent city and country ‘down under’, which he expresses through his art. In this piece he captured the spirit of the bay at dusk.


#3: Flox, Surf Ski from the old Club (original 1950s)

An aerosol and stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox’s trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga – vibrant, confident colour; and scale combined with delicacy; magically transforming grey walls (or 1950’s surf skis!) into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Flox 3

#4: Donna Cross, ‘Untitled’, Canvas, Floorboard section from Club

Donna honed her skills many years of experience working collaboratively with art directors and designers, as well as directly with clients. She uses a range of illustration techniques to create a diverse array of beautifully crafted, emotive art.

Donna Cross

#5: Helen Casey, ‘Makara and Coast’, Canvas, Floorboard section from Club

Helen was born on the island of Cyprus; then spent her early years in the Western Isles of Scotland so New Zealand is the largest island where she had made her home. This piece showcases the sea-life that populates the Makara coast near her studio.

Helen Casey small

#6: Damin Radford-Scott (Dside), ‘Final Club Shaka’, Weatherboard Exterior Club Wall

Damin’s street art is always exciting, fresh and alive. Just like the streets and cultures that inspire him. After painting the entire old clubrooms just before demolition (check out the video at, we saved a section of Dside’s work to be part of the exhibition – it seemed wrong not to.


#7: Melissa Young, ‘A Flight of Fancy’, Cast Bronze on wooden base sculpture, 220h x 145w x 75d mm, 5/15 Edition

“This piece came about from my need to move on with life (at that point in time). I needed to get out of my rut of moaning, whinging and whining about being the primary care giver of my child.

The bird form in this piece, represents new direction and the courage to change, with direction with my artwork and with my attitude to life.”

Melissa Young - A Flight of Fancy 1

#8: Mica Still, ‘Boathouse Door’, Club Boathouse Door (Right)

Mica’s art work will sneak up and frighten you in your dreams while making you laugh out loud in the light of day. One of the old club’s boathouse doors served as suitably eclectic canvas for her bright and colourful work.

Mica Still - Boat House Door Right

#9: Brian Nelson, ‘Old Airport Photo on Boards’, Floorboard section

Brian was inspired to make this brilliant piece of local art when he came across an old photograph of the bay before the airport was there. A modern look into Lyall Bay’s past.

Brian Nelson Lyall Bay

#10: Jack Candlish, ‘Longboard’, Handshaped Surf Boards

“Organic Dynamic is a local surfboard manufacturer that make surfboards from sustainably sourced materials. For the auction we have produced one of our most popular shapes, The Slinger, using 100% recycled polystyrene which is predominantly sourced from local fish restaurants and reclaimed Douglas Fir from the beams in the old club house. Like all our boards this one is finished with Entropy Bio resin. Dimensions are 7’0” x 21” x 2 1/2 and it has 43 Litres of Volume. A versatile board for the various conditions we get at Lyall Bay.” (Render of board seen below).

Jack Candlish

#11: Michael McCormack, ‘Lyall Bay 2017’, Oil on Floorboards

Michael’s landscapes brilliantly capture Wellington like no one else. A mixture of observation and evocative memory, they instantly transport you to Wellington’s vibrant coastlines and streetscapes.

Michael McCormack

#12: Toothfish, Title: ‘Toothfish’, Canvas, Floorboard section

Toothfish is a fictional environmental activist cum street artist who uses posters to raise awareness of environmental/political issues which affect you. This beautifully detailed piece is a simple, but elegant way to celebrate the sea-based history of the club.

Toothfish small

#13: Clare Matthews, ‘Oriental Bay’, Canvas mounted on floorboard section

“I work in collage, paint, oil pastel and ink to create vibrant, lively artworks. Many of my collage elements are hand made using monoprinting techniques and a variety of other media to create texture and visual excitement. My artworks feature well known landscapes and urban scenes, particularly of Wellington. More recently I have been exploring still life themes with some visual reference to Wellington. There is unlimited inspiration for my work within Wellington’s tumbling hills and houses, and its stunning harbour.”

Clare Matthews 

#14: Liz Ritchie, ‘Memories of Lyall Bay’, Canvas, Floorboard section

“My first thought when given a canvas of natural floorboards saved from the demolition of the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club was to paint the natural elements of Lyall Bay ie, the hills, sea and stones.  These are what make Lyall Bay such a special place and I’m sure many people would have walked or even danced on this floorboard canvas over the years and enjoyed these views. I wanted to paint something that would be a reminder of where this beautiful natural canvas came from.”

Liz Ritchie

#15: Paul Eagle, ‘Sound for the Sea’, Recycled house paint on recycled wood

My earliest memory of Lyall Bay was the mixture of sounds the sea made as I walked up and down the beach. The artwork depicts the changing nature of Lyall Bay beach and the surrounding areas through the use of bold, contemporary Māori koru patterns. The love heart shows the location of the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club, highlighting its prominence on the south coast. If you look closely, you’ll see the word Rongotai embedded in the design – Māori for sound of the sea! Paul Eagle (Iwi: Waikato – Tainui) lives on the south coast in Island Bay and is Deputy Mayor of Wellington. Although a graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts, he’s rarely seen with a paintbrush in his hand these days! Paul is responsible for council’s recreation portfolio and has assisted the club steer its redevelopment through to completion.

Paul Eagle

#16: Sean Duffell, ‘Ski’, Ski and Oar from the Club (original 1960s)

Sean Duffell’s mixture of graphic design and illustration draws influence from natures repeating and symmetrical pattern-work found within the macro worlds of insects, birds and fauna. The ancient civilisations used nature to inspire their artworks, as does Sean. The connections within nature, ourselves and the organic world is a huge ethos behind his work. Sean attends many Arts Festivals and Music Festivals as well as traveling extensively for client-based work. His paintings are all across New Zealand as well as Australia, South East Asia and South America and he is currently working in Cambodia for a project.


#17: Christie Wright, ‘Boathouse Door’, Club Boathouse Door (Left)

“Painting, for me, is not so much about conveying any particular message, it is about the act of creation, the joy and fascination a person can find in something beautiful. I like to take something real – something that already has character of its own – and build from there. Just let your imagination wander and enjoy seeing the world through different eyes.” 

Christie Wright - Boat House Door Left

 #18: Juliet Best,  ‘By the Light of the Moon’, Torn-edge Float-Mounted Canvas

“‘ By The Light of The Moon’ was originally painted as an artwork on wood panel with gold leaf while my son was learning the poem for school. We both loved the poem so much and talked about what if it was set in New Zealand, in our gorgeous seas, with our stunning skies and hills, so I painted it like that! It seemed appropriate to support the Lyall Bay Surf Club with this artwork, as both our children have swam with the club, and the image while whimsical is inspired by the beauty of New Zealand, and Wellington’s South Coast.”



Art for the Sea is a fundraiser for LBSLSC, including original works of art from leading New Zealand artists, including the talents of; Clare Matthews, Bruce Mahalski, DSide, Sean Duffle, Flox, Michael McCormack, Donna Cross, Juliet Best, Alfred Memelink, Brian Nelson, Bruce Luxford, Liz Ritchie, Christie Wright, Mica Still,  Mellissa Young, Helen Casey and Jack Candlish.

This brilliant array of artists created pieces of art out of actual materials extracted from the old club house before demolition. Other pieces were inspired by the amazing South Coast we all love. All will go under the hammer to raise funds for the club.

The entire collection will go on show for the first and last time at the gala evening. This is an exclusive opportunity to meet the artists, enjoy the entertainment, and partake of the nibbles along with a selection of premium beers from Parrot Dog and  fine wines from Cambridge Road.

The evening will also feature the auctioneering skills of Ian Patterson.

Tickets consist of a $30 donation per person.


 #19: Sue Dasler,  ‘Seagulls’, Wall-Mounted Sculptures

Sue has been a potter for more than 20 years, and her work is predominantly hand thrown. Her pieces are created to combine functionality and elegance. Sue’s interest in birds has been lifelong, and since she moved to Wellington she has produced an array of marine birds. The location of her studio gallery in Lyall Bay has undoubtedly influenced this work and her recent South Coast collection.

Sue Dasler 2

 #20: Milarky,  ‘Lyall Bay Locals’, Framed Paper 

Milarky’s recent focus has been on Nomadism and what he aligns as ’the Return to Nomadity’ of our species due to the misled ability to care for the Earth. Nomadism being a response and attunement to the environment, an adaption through a generationally founded ability to be with nature, as opposed to our societies current habitual mind set to tune the land to our desired ways, manipulating hierarchical perspectives to justify environmental destruction and extinction.