Alfred Memelink and Melissa Young’s inspiring Art for the Sea

We’re excited to announce that our next two pieces for Art for the Sea are ready.

We think Alfred Memelink’s beautifully evocative piece really captures the spirit of the Bay:


And huge big-ups to the very talented Melissa Young for her donation of this incredible sculpture:


The Art for the Sea project is about helping generate funding for the fit out of the new LBSLSC building.

DSide kicked it off with his amazing pop-up mural covering the entire old building.

Many of our (currently!) 16 artists involved working hard on their projects.

The artists include Clare Matthews, Bruce Mahalski, Dside, Sean Duffle, Flox, Michael McCormack, Donna Cross, Juliet Best, Alfred Memelink, Brian Nelson, Bruce Luxford, Liz Ritchie, Christie Wright, Mica Still,  Mellissa Young and Jack Candlish – and their may be more!

If you’re interested in finding out more – or better yet attending the gala event and auction to bid for any of the pieces on offer – please email with ART as the email subject and we’ll keep you in the loop.